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Question: One of my cats began to urinate on my sofa about 4 months after I got him. I have 2 cats. Why did he begin doing this and how can I make him stop?

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Answer: It is not uncommon to see such problems in a house containing more than one cat. The rule concerning multiple cats is a litterbox for each cat. In other words, if you have 2 cats, your house will need 2 litterboxes! If you have 3 cats, your house will need 3 litterboxes.

Some cats can live with sharing a litterbox with another cat, but many can't. Cats are clean animals. If one cat has urinated in the litterbox, the second cat may not want to go in the first cat's "filth".

Another reason that your cat might be urinating anywhere except in the litterbox may be that your schedule has changed and it has directly affected your cat's routine. Example: He/she is now fed at different times of the day or you went on vacation and your cat now needs to be re-trained to be able to re-adjust.

One reason that is often overlooked is that your cat may have an infection or a medical condition and should be checked by a veterinarian.

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